Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Budget Friendly Blogger Friend!

I love fashion blogs of all types. I gain inspiration from most that I come across and even enjoy swooning over high end labels that other bloggers manage to work into their wardrobe. (How? I wonder) But my favorites, and it's not a surprise, are those that are thrifty and pocketbook friendly. I love a good deal and I really love seeing other peoples' good deals.

With that said, I've recently found It's got a little bit of everything fashion related which helps to appeal to a more broad audience. My favorite part, however, are the Budget Chic posts. More recently, this post about styling the dress below three different ways. What's best, is that each version tallies up to under $100! Click the photo to see how it was styled.

 Dress: Roxy


  1. aah! another great blog for new ideas on the cheep cheep.

    thanks for sharing. :)

    (oh, and thanks for your vote too! :D)

  2. Omg.. I'm so honored! You are sooo sweet! And yes, all my sentences will end in an exclamation on this comment! :)

    Thanks soooo much for the shout out!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,


  3. Wow. I definitely be checking this out!


  4. you know what?i sometime don't know how numerous bloggers manage with their closet full of high end labels (give them to me, i'd say!), so it's always great to see that there are people like us still in the blogosphere who are constantly looking for fashion with a budget :)

  5. It's so great that you show these affordable and accessible looks. I say yes to anything that makes fashion available to everyone!