Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tail Gate Chic?

Okay, so not chic, but I thought that sounded like a fun oxymoron.

My husband nabbed a pair of San Diego Chargers season tickets. I figure I'll have to get myself a Chargers shirt to fit in while tailgating. Luckily, these days, they make women's fan gear to help us keep our shape and prevent us from having to wear men's t-shirts which turn us into rectangles.

I'm also lucky that it's San Diego, where I likely won't need more than this faux leather hoodie to keep me warm on the cooler days.

The Converse were a given. I've been wearing them with my t-shirt and jeans ensembles (please say that in a French accent) for years, so I chose these ones because they look fun. :) The cross body bag is perfect for keeping the essentials handy at the game without lugging a bag around.

Hoodie: Tilly's
T-Shirt: Lids


  1. So glad you commented on my yours! I'm now following!

    Cute outfit for sure! ;)