Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stock Up On: Vintage Stacking Mugs

It's not that I think you need 19 vintage ceramic stacking mugs, but if you do happen to need a lot of them, Etsy has it covered. I love the colors and patterns on these.

Green, 4pc Set: jacquekay83 at Etsy
6pc Set: Vintage Eye at Etsy
Brown, 3pc Set: By The Wayside at Etsy
6pc Set with Storage Tree: Tag Sale Finds at Etsy

Oh and guess what! Jaci from By The Wayside has kindly offered a 10% discount (not including shipping) to Hundy&Undy readers! Just enter 'Hundy' as the coupon code.


  1. I love finding these Japan stacking mugs on my treasury hunts, the colors are always so rich! Thank you so much for featuring them!

  2. These are lovely mugs - and I am a potter so that is my professional opinion. lol I always like the things from By The Wayside - Jaci has great taste!

  3. Love these mugs. They'd be great for mix and match. That's quite a nice deal from BytheWayside!

  4. Love those Japanese stacking mugs! Bythewayside has an awesome shop! Thanks for sharing these beautiful finds!