Friday, January 28, 2011

Stock Up On: Cats Wearing Clothes

Is there anything else to say? I just love these! For only $88.99, you can have six cats wearing clothes!

Costume Ball Cat: Animal House Art at Etsy
School Portrait Cat: Beat Up Creations at Etsy
A Hard Day Cat: Amber Alexander at Etsy
Secretary Cat: Rosie Music at Etsy
Fuzzy Cat: Berkley Illustration at Etsy
Mr. Bennet Cat: Tara Fly Art at Etsy

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  1. Such a cute concept for a fashion blog!
    After all, cats can rock a hot outfit too! :D

    Thanks for featuring my Jane Austen inspired "Mr Bennet Cat" portrait; it's such an honor to be listed among such personal faves as Berkley Illustration and Amber Alexander. ♥

    - TaraFly

  2. love this post :) I am particularly partial to Tara Fly's "Mr Bennet Cat" as he is my Sammy all dressed up :)

  3. These made me smile! Following you - would love a follow back :-)


  4. hahahhahaha! what a bargain! those are some fancy pants cats! :)