Monday, January 31, 2011

In Her Natural Habitat

In my last OOTD post, I had failed to find a dress for an upcoming beach wedding in Mexico. I had spent nearly three hours shopping for one and came home with a totally different outfit instead. I decided this Saturday to try again. I didn't really have the energy to spend another three hours shopping, but I sucked it up and headed to the mall.

Lo and behold, I found my dress at my first stop, Macy's. I tried on two dresses, one I liked, and one I liked more, but it was a little off in the bra cups. I decided to size up and see how that worked... and whaddya know, it worked!

Here's the dress I found:

It is this XOXO dress, which was $79.00 on sale for 40% off, so I took it home for around $50 after tax. The necklace-thing was just hanging with it and I really wasn't sure what it was. I tied it around my waist, but that looked silly, so I tied it around my neck. I only now confirmed that I did the correct thing when I found the dress online. I'm not sure if I'll wear the necklace-thing for the wedding. I think I'd prefer a long layered gold necklace like this

I still have to figure out what shoes I'll wear. Any suggestions?

(I was going to add another outfit to this post, but I think I'll save it for another day!)


  1. Ooh, I love it! Love the color!! Its definitely very Mexican-wedding-y...if that's a word ;-)
    I like the necklace-thing with it, but the gold necklace you linked to would look awesome too.

    How about a fancy pair of espadrilles?

  2. Very pretty!! How wonderful that you get to go to a beach wedding in Mexico. :)

  3. Wait, Why aren't you wearing that necklace thing that came with the dress? It's sooooo cute. Very tropical and funky! I'm assuming you can't wear heels due to sand, sinking, and all round heel awkwardness. So how about some cute wedges or Grecian flats? Bear in mind that I have never been for a beach wedding so have no style experience in this area but I found 2 that look like they'd compliment this dress (and you)

    1) Wedges

    2) Grecian Flats

    Shoes aside, your gonna look gorgeous either way in that dress :)

    xo - Zoe (All For Style)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Zoe, I don't think I like how chunky the necklace-thing looks with the dress, for a wedding. Also, we have the option for going barefoot for the ceremony, but I still need shoes for the reception. I like both of those, but I really love those flats! (bookmarking!) I might have to go with those (or something like it) for comfort's sake. The gold in those ones would tie in well with a gold layered necklace, too.

  5. Wow, the shopping gods must have been with you that day! It's almost unheard of to find a dress at the first place you look. Love the color, it's so rich and pretty.


  6. I love love LOVE the dress!

    If you go with the necklace and the Grecian flats, it's going to be difficult not to out-shine the wedding party!