Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spot On Spots

I guess these are spots AND dots. I think dots are perfect circles and spots are, well, not. I feel like Dr. Seuss could have written a book on the topic of spots and dots. Or maybe he has?

In any case, these spots and dots are a lot of fun.

Mini Canvas and Easel: Bululu Studio at Etsy
Blown Glass Sun Catcher: Totally Blown Glassworks at Etsy
Hand Painted Drawer Knobs: Sweet Mix Creations at Etsy

And what's this?  Totally Blown Glassworks is offering H&U readers 10% off your order! Just enter the coupon code TBGSALE in the Note to Seller box during check out!


  1. hahaha you pretty much ARE the dr seuss of fashion blogging.

    'cept i'd call you dr BOOTS.


  2. This is really cute. haha I never thought to differentiate between spots and dots!

  3. I like spots too - these are cute :)

  4. Yep, I agree. Spot and dots are really cool. Thank you so much for posting my mini canvas. I'll post this on my facebook.