Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Splurge

This week's Sunday Splurge doesn't come from Etsy! It comes from TOMS!

I haven't hopped on the TOMS train yet, but I might have to now that they have these super cute and casual wedges!
Canvas Wedges: TOMS

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Her Natural Habitat

Look how awkward! I was multitasking. Nope. I'm not pretending to talk on my phone, I'm talking to my best friend of many years who lives oh so far away. Yes. I'm wearing that hat again. It's just too easy; I don't have to do anything special to my hair if I wear that hat. Yes. I'm wearing those sandals again. These are reasons why I couldn't do a daily outfit blog; I don't have nearly enough clothing and shoes to make it interesting! But guess what, that tank is new!
Hat: Dorfman Pacific Co. at Pavilion's, $12.99
Black Cami: Kohl's, $6.99, $3.99
Ruched Ankle Leggings: Kohl's, $19.99, $12.99
Tank: Macy's, $24.99, $12.50, $6.25
Sandals: Ross, $12.99
Bracelet: Forever21, $5.90

Grand Total: $55.11

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Classic Red & Leopard

Red and Leopard are old, old friends. Red and Leopard go way back. I still love the class combination of red shoes with leopard print clothing. Both this skirt and the red platform wedges are super fabulous. The ruffles on the tank and the shoes was totally an accident. It may or may not be overkill, but I decided to keep it. The necklace fit into what I had left of my budget and kind of pays homage to sexy librarians.
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Spiegel
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: ModCloth

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Splurge

Uhm, are these amazing or what? I would sip wine out of these all night. I'd go out to restaurants and take these with me! Mary Elizabeth paints gorgeous designs on everything from glassware to housewares to ceramics and ornaments. She does many different designs, but the peacock feathers are my favorite!
Set of Two Peacock Wine Glasses: Mary Elizabeth Arts at Etsy

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Little Bit Fancy

Summer finally hit us hard in SoCal this week. The recent heatwave inspired this kinda fancy/kinda casual look.
Dress: American Eagle
Necklace: White Owl at Etsy
Hair Pin: Sumiko Shop at Etsy
Shoes: Piperlime

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stock Up On: Paper Products

No, not those paper products. These paper products! Check out these fun jewelry items made out of paper.
Necklace: Lena Sekine at Etsy
Earrings: Paper Demon Jewelry at Etsy
Ring: Blush Envy at Etsy
Bracelet: Squishy Sushi at Etsy

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello, Purple

This outfit is pretty outrageous, I'll be the first to admit it, but there's something I love about it. Maybe it's the inner-wannabe-rockstar in me that wishes I could just wear this to the grocery store to buy some slaw at the deli.

In completely unrelated news, I've started a new job so posting might be thin for a while until I can get comfortable with my schedule!

Tank: Kohl's
Shorts: Forever21
Tights: Asos
Shoes: Target
Bracelets: Forever21

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Splurge

How about this super-luxe looking necklace for a Sunday Splurge? It's from Blossom Shop where Karin creates new items out of vintage components. This one, in particular, features a gorgeous pink flower complimented by gold chain and pink quartz and glass beads.
Camellia Necklace: Blossom Shop at Etsy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hundy & Undy Has a New Sponsor!

Please welcome SquackDoodle to the Hundy&Undy family! They sell handmade fun stuffs for your house including mustache mugs, clocks made of embroidery hoops, clever chalkboards and way, way more. Please check them out!
Mustache Clock, $22
Upcycled Sparrow Cake Stand, $15
Odd Duck Out Message Boad, $15
Mustache Mug, $8

In Her Natural Habitat

Okay, so this week's Habitat post is a little more literal than the past Habitat posts. It's also much less of an outfit post. I threw on my usual Kohl's jeans, as seen previously, and a tank top that appears to be falling apart at the seams there. I didn't notice that until now. It's an old tank, though, and I really only got dressed so I could do my walkable errands: i.e. buy more almond milk, a skinny caramel macchiato, pumpkin spice muffin from a bakery/cafe... and that hat! I found this faux-straw fedora at the grocery store for 13 bucks. I say faux-straw because the label says it's 100% paper, which I find pretty neat.

This is my first ride on the fedora train, even though they've been hanging around for a while. I think I like it on me. It'll be nice to have something ready for those days when my hair won't cooperate.
Hat: Dorfman Pacific Co. at Pavilion's, $12.99
Tank: Too old to remember or count for cost...
Jeans: Kohl's, $34.99 (on sale)
Sandals: Ross, $12.99
Toe Nail Polish, for kicks: CVS, Carnivale Grape by Borghese, $7.99

Grand Total: $68.96

Here's an afterthought shot from the next day in a similar outfit, except different jeans and tank. It was conceived from boredom and Photoshop. Hope you like it. hehe

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chambray and Chiffon, Among Other Things

I know I just featured chambray yesterday, but I just couldn't resist the alliteration after coming across this chiffon tank. That cloche hat has the same sound, unfortunately it's not at the beginning of the word. Have you tried out a cloche hat? I used to have a couple years ago that I loved. I just love the shape of them and hats in general are really great for those days when your hair just won't cooperate.
Tank: Tilly's
Belt: Buckle
Skirt: Alloy
Hat: Forever21
Cuff: Art of Spirit LeatherWorks at Etsy
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Stock Up On: Circle Necklaces

I love circles, and I love these necklaces.
Sea Pottery Necklace: Link Design at Etsy
The Blue Planet Necklace: Strung Out Designs at Etsy
Copper Big Circle Necklace: Muse Glass at Etsy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looking Forward

... to fall, that is. We've still got at least a month or two of summer weather here in SoCal. Well, maybe. It's been a strange year for weather here! In any case, summer isn't over but I cannot wait to get into fall clothes.
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Forever21
Scarf: Textile Monster at Etsy
Boots: GoJane

Vintage Industrial

I love old industrial items. It takes me back to when I was a kid, looking at some of the old things my dad had stashed in the garage like old tools that belonged to my grandfather. These metal drawers really take me back, though. They make me think of the old strong box my dad had tucked away in the closet. Every once in a while we'd pull it out and look through all of the old keepsakes he kept in there, which were also things that were my grandfather's. Things like medals and his varsity letter for running track in high school and newspaper clippings; things my father cherished that he wanted to share with me.

So now I'm sharing with you some of my favorite industrial style vintage items from Etsy!
Maple Syrup Bucket: Hindsvik at Etsy
Letterpress Bs: MonkiVintage at Etsy
File Drawers: Moxie Thrift at Etsy
Threaded Textile Spools: New Dominion Blues at Etsy

Monday, August 9, 2010

Take Monday Off

We've all been there. It's Sunday night and you've already got a bad case of the Mondays. Here's a good outfit for when it's bad enough to take a "mental health day". Take Monday off and go run errands, cruise the mall or sit outside at the cafe in town that you like.

Now, unrelated to Mondays... look at those shoes! Do you know why I love those shoes? It's because when I was 10, I had a pair of hi-top white canvas shoes with a layer of white lace on top of the canvas. The lace may or may not have been a little shimmery. The best part were the wide laces that were... well, lace! Those were my most favorite shoes of all time and these shoes instantly reminded me of them, and that's why I had to share them with you guys.
Shirt: Buckle
Jeans: Aeropostale
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: TopShop

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Splurge

This is a set of 11, count'em, ELEVEN mix and match bracelets from Greenbelts. That's less than five bucks per bracelet! It's a fun set that you can wear all together or separately in lots of different combinations. Greenbelt creates all of their items from reclaimed leather belts, keeping them out of the landfills.
Set of Cuff Bracelets: Greenbelt at Etsy

Friday, August 6, 2010

Casual Friday

If I worked in an office that implemented "Casual Friday", I'd wear this. The jacket seems pretty necessary. Has anyone ever worked in an office that wasn't cold?

I actually have those shoes in black. They're super cute and a really nice suede-like texture. I wouldn't wear them if I'm going to be on my feet all day, but really cute for minimal-walking days.

Chiffon Dress: Aerie
Jacket: Forever21
Necklace: Fallen Angel Designs at Etsy
Shoes: Target

Oh! And in other news, I purchased a complete outfit as shown in one of my past posts! I've ordered it all online, and given that everything fits properly, I'll definitely be showing you guys. Any guesses as to which one I chose?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheery and Vintage-y

Here are a few things that are kind of vintage in either their looks or components. They make me smile.
JOY Decor Letters: Mooza Designs at Etsy
Ceramic Owl Planter: Fruit Fly Pie at Etsy
Mini Flag Bunting: Olive Some Day at Etsy

In Her Natural Habitat

I am so happy to have found a pair of dark wash jeans that are completely solid. There's no whiskering at the tops of the thighs, there's no fake fading on the thighs or the butt. Just all one solid dark blue. Thank goodness. All of those fades and marks just make my thighs appear wider. These ones are perfectly dark and masking.

P.S. These are my favorite summer wedges! They come in black, but I wanted them to yell at people when I walk by.

Shirt: Macy's, $19.99
Tank (that you can't see): Kohl's, $4.99
Jeans: Macy's, $24.99
Shoes: G by Guess, $64.50 $34.95
Necklace (that you can't see): Images Under Glass at Etsy, $8.00
Sunglasses: Random cart at a shopping center, $6

Grand Total: $98.92

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stock Up On: Silver-Tone Rings

Here's a handful (HA!) of rings I found on Etsy that I love.

Ostentatious Ring: Untamed Menagerie at Etsy
Twisted Wire Ring: Fork Whisperer at Etsy
The Gift Ring: Fashionable Addictions at Etsy
Perfect Number 10 Ring: QA Create at Etsy

I'm a Loner, Dottie; a Rebel!

One might consider this ensemble a little... rebellious. Or maybe outrageous? I think it's fun.
Top: Buckle
Shorts: Forever21
Pocket Knife Necklace: Contrary at Etsy
Clogs: Go Jane
Nail Polish:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Li'l Monster Friends

There is an abundance of plush monsters on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorites.
Ricemon: Noodoll at Etsy
Big Marc Foo: Sighfoo at Etsy
Lou: MorningLori at Etsy
Gabriel the Plush Monster: The Jae Bird at Etsy

P is for Plaid, Pleats and Peep-Toe

I love the kind of correlation of this outfit. The shoes and the plaid are a little bit country western, yet the plaid and the military-inspired skirt have an idea of manual labor, all while staying pretty feminine. The bag, well, I just thought the color would look great next to the shirt and skirt!
Skirt: Forever21
Bag: Tippy Thai at Etsy
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Monday, August 2, 2010

Friends for Your Desk

I love things like these. If I had a large and well-organized desk, I'd have so many fun things on it!
Paper Garden: My Bohemian Summer at Etsy
Perpetual Calendar: Queen Vanna Creations at Etsy
Felted Treasure Bowl: Shanineal at Etsy
Desktop Calendar: Ruff House Art at Etsy