Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Splurge

Before I get to this week's Sunday Splurge, I just wanted to inform you that the word "splurge" has finally presented itself to me in a new light. A light which reveals how weird a word it is. Spluuuurge. The spelling looks funny, too. Ah, well, moving on.

This week I have for you yet another Etsy item. If you hang around Etsy, you know the trends. One of the current trends is bunting. There are lots of shops selling super adorable fabric and felt and paper bunting. You can even find bunting in many of the graphic prints, like on birthday cards. It's just cute.

But look! Pamela Angus sells a different kind of bunting. Bunting that is more gorgeous than cute. It's stained glass! I am in love with her bunting and I believe it's my favorite in all the world. Just look at it!

Stained Glass Garland: Pamela Angus at Etsy


  1. I fell in love with these too!! Could you imagine a whole bunch of stained glass bunting at a wedding? So pretty!

    Popping by from an etsy forum!

    PS I looove the outfit you put together above this post :)

  2. can you imagine them hanging on the window?*sigh*