Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Her Natural Habitat

My real life wardrobe is really struggling lately to stay relevant. Due to my frugality, I don't replace old pieces and pick up new clothes as often as I should in order to have a fully current and versatile wardrobe. I'm working to fix this without over-spending and feeling guilty for not using my money on, say, groceries.

That being said, I went shopping at Macy's on Sunday with my husband. I had a few key pieces in my head that I was looking for, then just had the goal of keeping and open mind and trying a lot of stuff on. I did try a lot of stuff on, but only left with three items. I would have stayed longer, but the husband was growing restless. Anyway, this dress is one of the things I found!

It's the first of it's kind (the skirt/tank top in one) that I've found that flatters me. The silk tiers are flitty and fun without adding too much bulk to my hips like some tiered skirts can. I added the belt over the elastic waist to help "clean it up" a bit and create a more smooth transition between the top and the bottom.

I wore this out to lunch on Monday with my dear husband, then back to a different Macy's afterward to see if I could find the pieces I couldn't find. Those are my $8 Aldo shoes, and they proved really comfortable while buzzing around the racks for an hour or two.
Dress: INC at Macy's, $89 $17.80
Shoes: Aldo, $100, $29.99, $8
Bracelet: Forever21, $5.90
Belt: Forever21, $7.90
Necklace: Hollygems at Etsy, $20

Grand Total: $59.60


  1. those shoes are awesome and i cant believe the deal you got on them!

  2. your dress is so cute! those tank top dresses *never* work on my figure, but i admire them.

    i love how you 'revised' the prices to reflect the seriously smokin' deals you got. holy frejoles! :D