Monday, July 12, 2010

June Gloom in July

Here in SoCal, we start our summer off with cool and gloomy weather. It's not really what you'd expect if you're not from around here. We call it June Gloom, and this year it's been hanging on into July. So here is an outfit that would be perfect for running errands in the morning. It's casual and comfortable. If you throw your favorite tank or tee under the denim shirt, you'll be ready for when the marine layer finally recedes back to the ocean and allows the sun to warm us up!
Shirt: Swell
Jeans: Lands' End Canvas
Headband: Garlands of Grace at Etsy
Bag: Target


  1. Love these finds! Watch for your picture later this week!

  2. I am experiencing the same gloomy weather in San Diego and am ready for some sun!