Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Popping and a Shopping Story

I try not to do two similar posts so close to each other, but I couldn't help myself. I was inspired by those shoes. Do you want to know why? Because they are currently on their way into my possession! I've been lacking a pair of black wedges for a long time, now. A couple months back, while my husband and I were out to dinner, he (yes HE, my husband!) spotted a girl wearing some super slick black wedges and commented on them. Sometimes, when he's feeling romantic, he wants to buy me shoes. Most other times, I have too many shoes and don't need any more. SO! This must have been a romantic moment as he suggested I find a pair of black wedges.

The next day, my husband sends me a link to the exact pair of shoes. I was so impressed at his ability to find those specific shoes. They ended up being these Charles David wedges, and WAY out of our budget. We kept looking and looking, to no avail, to find something comparable and within our shoe budget.

Then on Tuesday, I happened to do another search and found these gorgeous Aldo wedges marked down to $29.99 from $100! Unfortunately, today they are $34.98... so who knows how long they'll be discounted and for how much. But I snagged them at a good time.

Do you want to know how I got MORE of a bargain on them? Aldo sells on Amazon. My husband has an Amazon credit card with which he receives $25 gift certificates from as part of their rewards program. We happened to still have one of said certificates that had yet to be used. So after shipping and using the gift certificate code, we paid a whopping $8 for those beautiful black wedges.

I cannot wait to put them on!

Shirt: Old Navy
Bracelet: Sparkle Peach at Etsy
Nail Polish:
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Aldo


  1. Yay for bargains and new shoes!
    Love that polish!

  2. Nice! Those wedges are hottt! :D

  3. that's the smokingest deal ever, i think!

    also: i 'lol'ed at "it must have been a romantic moment"...hee hee.