Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starting Your Day at the Coffee Shop

After a long weekend of moving and not having internet at home for nearly a week, I've become fairly adept at taking advantage of free wi-fi. This post was inspired by my time spent internetting in the public.
Laptop Sleeve: Bee Yourself Designs at Etsy
Cup Cozy: KnitStorm at Etsy
Pen: REC Turnings at Etsy
Day Planner: Nature's Cubbyhole at Etsy


  1. What a lovely blog you have! Thanks so much for featuring my Wild Thyme laptop cover! I love the coffee cozy, the planner and the pen! A perfect selection to start the day off at the coffee shop!

  2. ha ha. "internetting." i love when words get verbed.

    love that cup cozy (and the completely necessary identifying label). :D

  3. OMG - that cup cozy is adorable. That would make a great gift idea.

  4. Cool post! It's like a magazine featurette :) I <3 that laptop sleeve.

  5. I too like the cup cozy.

    I remember when we first moved here and I didn't have internet at home for like a month. I had to walk down to the library to do my "internetting". I don't miss it. ♥