Friday, July 2, 2010

A Little Bit Country, A Big Bit Polyvore

So I've recently been introduced to Polyvore and even more recently introduced to their set creator. If you haven't heard of Polyvore, it's a great fashion community where you can shop for items from different websites in one place. Their set creator lets you put together outfits like the ones you find in the magazines. If you've read my introduction, you know that those are what inspired me to create this blog. Once you've created your set, you can share it with the rest of the Polyvore community, as well as Facebook and Twitter, and of course your own blog!

So today I've found myself without internet at home, so I'm at Starbucks using their wi-fi. One problem with this is that I don't have Photoshop on my laptop! So, I've decided that today would be the perfect day to finally test out Polyvore's set creator for myself.

Overall, I think it's a great tool. Being a fairly seasoned Photoshopper, it was a little difficult adjusting to certain limitations, but I am happy with the outcome. It will definitely be something I can use when I find myself without Photoshop, like today, and possibly more. My relationship with my blog is still new and very dynamic, and so will be my relationship with Polyvore.

So, without further ado, my first collection created %100 with Polyvore:

Skirt: Wet Seal
Tank: Arden B
Boots: Urban Original
Bracelet: Forever21
Bag: Forever21


  1. interesting! i've run across polyvore a couple of times in my searches, but i've never really understood what it was. sounds like fun though. i should really ACTUALLy check it out. :P

    happy weekend!

  2. This is cute!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3