Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheery and Vintage-y

Here are a few things that are kind of vintage in either their looks or components. They make me smile.
JOY Decor Letters: Mooza Designs at Etsy
Ceramic Owl Planter: Fruit Fly Pie at Etsy
Mini Flag Bunting: Olive Some Day at Etsy


  1. What a cute little owl planter. I love your blog I am going to follow you for sure!


  2. I love the JOY letters, too! These would be so great in my home office :)

  3. this is fantasitc! thanks for sharing my bunting on your looks great!

    [I also am smitten with the JOY letters!]

  4. i love that bunting! :) thanks for the cheer.

    oh, and thanks for the Polyvore info. I had no idea! I guess my question was a "moo" point ("ya know? like a cow's opinion."), but I'm still interested in opinions on the topic.
    thanks, Sam!

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, since I'm a Polyvore n00b, but everything I clipped today automatically attached a link directly back to the item.

    For example, the earrings I chose had a link that just said "," but once clicked, took me directly to the listing for the earrings.

    Assuming one HAD to include such a link with the image, I would imagine an image on Polyvore could draw some people back to your own online shop. Of course, I do not know that you HAVE to include such a link. Do you?

    You're like my Polyvore expert! :P