Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Her Natural Habitat

I am so happy to have found a pair of dark wash jeans that are completely solid. There's no whiskering at the tops of the thighs, there's no fake fading on the thighs or the butt. Just all one solid dark blue. Thank goodness. All of those fades and marks just make my thighs appear wider. These ones are perfectly dark and masking.

P.S. These are my favorite summer wedges! They come in black, but I wanted them to yell at people when I walk by.

Shirt: Macy's, $19.99
Tank (that you can't see): Kohl's, $4.99
Jeans: Macy's, $24.99
Shoes: G by Guess, $64.50 $34.95
Necklace (that you can't see): Images Under Glass at Etsy, $8.00
Sunglasses: Random cart at a shopping center, $6

Grand Total: $98.92


  1. Cute!! I like that the shoes don't "match" the shirt..but they look awesome! You look like you're ready to go to a picnic. :-D

  2. I love the look. Plaid is super hott and those shoes! YUMS!