Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Her Natural Habitat

Okay, so this week's Habitat post is a little more literal than the past Habitat posts. It's also much less of an outfit post. I threw on my usual Kohl's jeans, as seen previously, and a tank top that appears to be falling apart at the seams there. I didn't notice that until now. It's an old tank, though, and I really only got dressed so I could do my walkable errands: i.e. buy more almond milk, a skinny caramel macchiato, pumpkin spice muffin from a bakery/cafe... and that hat! I found this faux-straw fedora at the grocery store for 13 bucks. I say faux-straw because the label says it's 100% paper, which I find pretty neat.

This is my first ride on the fedora train, even though they've been hanging around for a while. I think I like it on me. It'll be nice to have something ready for those days when my hair won't cooperate.
Hat: Dorfman Pacific Co. at Pavilion's, $12.99
Tank: Too old to remember or count for cost...
Jeans: Kohl's, $34.99 (on sale)
Sandals: Ross, $12.99
Toe Nail Polish, for kicks: CVS, Carnivale Grape by Borghese, $7.99

Grand Total: $68.96

Here's an afterthought shot from the next day in a similar outfit, except different jeans and tank. It was conceived from boredom and Photoshop. Hope you like it. hehe


  1. hahhaha! fedora train, party of one. i like it. altho, i'd be careful wearing friend's paper purse melted in a light drizzle...:P

  2. I think the hat looks good on you too! I also like your "boredom" photoshop skills...cute array.

  3. I'm diggin the hat! That's pretty cool that its made out of paper! :)

    Oh, and good luck at your new job!