Friday, May 28, 2010

Not-So-Green Thumb

Not everyone has the patience and talent for a beautiful garden or to have lush indoor plants. If you're one of those people with a not-so-green thumb, try these ideas. Succulents and Airplants (Tillandsia) involve very little care and bring some outside green into your home. Add more interest with different styles and types of planters. Airplants don't even need soil to live, so your options are limitless!
Living Art Frame with Airplant: The Lucky Bamboo Bulb at Etsy
Succulents: Horticopia at Etsy
Baby Toes Succulent in Hanging Terrarium: Monkeys Always Look at Etsy
Mini Flower Pots: Simply Pretty Prints at Etsy


  1. I thought succulents were easy too, but I still manage to destroy them! I desperately want an air plant to go in one of these:

    I'd probably just have a dead plant hanging from my ceiling though. :(

  2. I definitely do not have a green-thumb. I love Succulents and yes they are about the only plant I can keep alive!